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Biggest Shika FanClub on the DA
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Personal Quote: "*sigh* How Troublesome..."
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:new: :bulletblue: JULY 17, 08
Whew!! There are so many new members I wouldn't list them for fear of fainting of eaxustion. If you don't see your name on he member's list you are NOW allowed to complain. We are still updating affiliates and fanart/fiction.

As some of you know, how-troublesome's Yondaime- vbabe1 is working her little buns off to get things up to speed. This means a little re-adjustment in the system. As soon as everything is back again, we're going to have a contest! So please, make suggestions and give love to our loving leader!
Caio yall!

:bulletgreen: 6/5/08
+ Hello, club! We have a major update^^
I have appointed a new leader for how-troublesome with a greenlight from our founder, thesupremeevil; this is due to how troublesome it is to be a grownup nowadays, i dont get much hand for myself yada yada yada...

Anyway, drum roll please ^^
I present to you our how-troublesome's Yondaime >> vbabe1

Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu~!
eiirisa-chihara signing off.

:bulletgreen: 12/02/07
+ Contest reminder new Members

Another day, another huge mass of members added. lease keep inmind the Christmas  CONTEST!

:bulletgreen: 07/11/07
+ Join updated and Thank you to uvnote

I just want to kneel down and THANK THE STARS for our temp who did all the newest "joins" : :iconuvnote:. Everybody CHEER! :boogie: The rate at which this club grows is really difficult to handle. With that  help made everything so much better and easier. I can catch up wth everything else. So ahuge THANK YOU to our temp uvnote

:bulletgreen: 17/10/07
+ Contest Ends and Help Wanted

At least the love contest ends. Next week the New contest will be announced. Congrats to : Aleccha, shikainoloverxanimex, and MadCathy.

Also, We are looking for a temp to help with some overwhelming tasks. If anyone is interested, please note the club.

:bulletgreen: 17/10/07
+ Contest Entries

The 10 contest entries have been submitted. Please be patient with joining, we do get an inordinate amount of people who love Shikamaru. Not that we are terribly surprised. <3

:bulletgreen: 23/09/07
+ General New:

About 10 new members this week and Here are our new affiliates:
Cha dah!

:bulletgreen: 31/08/07
+ New Affiliates:

Naruto-fansarena TokioHotelFanclub Are our newest Affiliates. Another note, we will no longer be listing new individuals who join. We have upwards of 10 new member requests every week. The list will be adjusted on a weekly basis, no need to worry.

:bulletgreen: 24/08/07
+ New Contest and Huge Member Upd:

Huge addition in members over the last month has taken our new Mod vbabe1 for a loop. Please be patient as she adds the 3+ daily new members. With so much going on, please don't try to cheat the system.

Also, we have a great success with the lastest contest closing today with a new one opening tomorrow. We would like to thank all the participants and voters for making it possible. Caio!

:bulletgreen: 29/06/07
+ New Members and Affiliates:

vbabe1 has been working hard to keep the club up-to-date and that means plenty of new members, a few new affiliates and a contest to celebrate. Please check them all out and Welcome to all the new members! Caio!

:bulletgreen: 13/06/07
+ New Moderator : vbabe1

Hi there everyone, i cant stay long. I'm just here to announce our new admin. vbabe1 will answer all your joining notes and stuffs. And i have to say, you better read the rules if you really wanna join how-troublesome. See ya!

:bulletgreen: 06/05/07
+ New Affils : shika-temari-club, Anti-SasoSaku-Club

eiirisa-chihara says:
Hi, there, i'm kinda in a rush so i was just able to complete few things like welcoming new members and affils. If you applied to joined before but we didnt reply you, its because you didnt read the rules for joining. Usually we'll note you but because i'm running, i cant reply all of you, yes there were a bunch... so please read the rules and re-note us if you havent changed your mind. We'd apprieciate that. Thanx. I'm not done with the fanart/fic submissions yet but i gotta go now. I'll get to it soon. Jyaa~!

:bulletred: 09/04/07

Miss eiirisa will be away for work for the next 10 weeks. The club may not be hosting any contest for the time being but if you have a suggestion, feel free to note the club. We like ideas. And no, we're not closing membership and affiliation applications. Keep them coming. Best regards.

:bulletgreen: 06/04/07
+ New Affil : Shikamaru-x-Hinata
+ New Fanfic : Koi no honto no imi

eiirisa-chihara says:
Hi, its been a while. Just wanna remind you guys, tomorrow is the last day to vote for the easter contest entries. If you haven't cast a vote, please do so.

:bulletgreen: 14/03/07
+ New Affiliates : NejiSasu-club

eiirisa-chihara says:
Voting for Round II Valentine commenced. Time to throw your votes, members! Un, im a day late, spare me from your kunais >_<' . At the same time, do check out our Contest 4: Easter. We currently have a fanart and a fanfic. Send in more~!

:bulletgreen: 05/03/07
+ New Affiliates : SasoSaku-luv-club

eiirisa-chihara says:
To those who made it to Contest 3-Round 2, we will be waiting for your entry. And while we're at it, as you all know, we have Easter Contest running at the same time. Troublesome but lively, that's how it looks like. Any fanarts/fic you have in your gallery, regarding Shikamaru, are very welcome to submit for the club's gallery. Dont be shy, ne.

:bulletgreen: 25/02/07
+ New Affiliate : ShikaIno-FanClub
+ New fanart : by chokedbunny (3rd icon of 'C' in fanart listing)

:deveirisa-chihara: says:
Another 2 more days until voting session ends.

:bulletgreen: 20/02/07

eiirisa-chihara says:
"Why am i not in the member list?" / "Why am i not a member?" / "Can i join?" & all other similarities cast on comments in any of our journals, keep in mind, we  ignore. The club is having this troublesome problems lately due to people not understanding the rules. Read our [How To Join] at the frontpage. it covers everything in detail on how to be a member. I have to repeat that, just watching us without join note does not make you a member. I hope all the other senpai members who were here since thesupremeevil are all in the member list now, cause i bet everyone's aware that they're listed. Oh, yes, and its the voting session now, lasts until this 27th, so go vote your fav. (New contest coming up soon!)

:bulletgreen: 15/02/07
+ New Affiliates : Ino-Club

eiirisa-chihara says:
Hey, there! i've been hanging on many thing lately, and its already voting session for the Valentine contest. Oh, how time flies by... And sorry i got the #5 entry's link broken, my bad, but its fixed so go check it out. And for those who wants to join the club... please, please read the troublesome rules. You're suppose to say 'clouds are so nice' <sigh!>.

:bulletgreen: 30/01/07
+ New Members : i cant keep track; if the club replied you with a welcome note, then your name should be in our member list already. Thanks for joining & reading the rules.
+ New Affiliates : Writers-Club, InoMaru

eiirisa-chihara says:
We have a winner for Contest #2! Our previous leader will contact you for the prize soon. And now, another two more weeks till our Contest #3 - Round I's dateline. Is the contest too hard? If so, someone should voice it out then. Feedbacks are always apprieciated, you know.

:bulletgreen: 18/01/07
+ New Members : Aisuryuu, sihaja, SetsuaiHatsukoi
+ New Fanarts by : sihaja, Firing-Mar

eiirisa-chihara says:
Yay! 2 weeks ago, this club was on the verge of 'death' and now i can officially declare, how-troublesome is fully revived~! Lets go celebrate by watching clouds, hehe...  I guess i can go on a vacation now, seeing this club running so well makes me happy. Thank you to all members for your supports. To those who's working on your Contest No.3 entry... remember, the theme is chocolates.

:bulletgreen: 11/01/07
+ New Members : Firing-Mar, smilie, Ceresy, hintenino
+ Newly Listed At : Listing-Centre

eiirisa-chihara says:
Votings for Contest #2 is still running. Good news is, we're also running our 3rd Contest --->… . Come to think of it, we're all are responsible to keep the club alive ne? So put up your spirit and do join the contest, i know lots of you were waiting for this moment. I'll be happy to receive participations! Another important news for all; i've cleaned-up the club's gallery due to excessive favings on the club's account. This is so troublesome but i'll keep it short; DA Policy states that a group account cannot fav pictures by it's members otherwise all the participating members will be banned from DA for violating the Favorites System. Its best i did this rather than getting anyone in trouble for that. So keep this in mind, if you're also a member of another club, dont fave in their galleries. Go to the original links given okay. I just want everyone to stay. To find the club's fanart/fic, go to [Submission] page. With that, i would be glad if someone would be willing to help in the club with the fanart/fic listing. Preferably with html experience. Please note to MY account : eiirisa-chihara if you're interested. I'd apprieciate your help. Thank you!

:bulletgreen: 08/01/07
+ New Members : Terjon, MikoNoYume, crazywakka
+ New Fanarts by : shahdee13, Baka-D-Kun, cherlye, BldyMalice, KuroSy, Lady-Kita, thegeekpit, Psycho-Paine

:bulletgreen: 07/01/07
+ New Members : SilentKunoichi, Mollyandfriends
+ New Affiliates : 17 Clubs
+ New Fanarts : || [Back to Back] || Shika's Dad! [Just me and my shadow...] || For Her Scary Smile [Page 2] ||

eiirisa-chihara says:
For all the 126 newbies, sorry i cant fill all your names in the updates here... you all know its troublesome BUT that doesnt mean we dont welcome you the same as others. We do, in fact we really love you for joining. Plus, i forgot to mention about our new affiliates before, so go check 'em out later ok. We're also running an immediate voting for [Contest #2], dont forget to vote your favorite! For the moment, i only managed to get 3 fanarts in (still working).

:bulletgreen: 04/01/07
+ New Members : 126, all of them!

eiirisa-chihara says:
We have 126 newbies! I thought there will be more considering there were lots in the inbox but looks like some of you sent 2 or 3 joining notes again and again. Anyway, thanx for waiting, have fun and welcome to the club! Im yet to update on new fanarts submissions and links to connect the journals in the club. Revival - halfway through...

:bulletgreen: HOME :bulletgreen: MEMBERS :bulletgreen: AFFILIATES :bulletgreen: CONTEST :bulletgreen: SUBMISSION :bulletgreen:

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